Galaxy Empire Cheats

Galaxy Empire Cheats

Galaxy Empire Cheats Description

Hey! And we created a new tool ! It’s a Galaxy Empire Cheats Tool. Space climates were always a special thing for our staff. Wonder why the website is called Predatorhacks? Here’s the answer. Galaxy Empire is a very nice game for your smartphone and tablet but to achive more you need the resources. You may collect it but the better way is to use our cheats! You can alwayts turn the cheats off and show how good you are! But if you are a novice using our programme may be a remedy for losing!

Conquer the Galaxy, One Planet at a Time

In the near distant future, space exploration has evolved into a much more sophisticated nature as planets are colonized by humans in a fierce battle for resources and influence. Immerse yourself in intergalactic diplomacy as you manage your bases and natural resources while waging war against enemies. Take full control of your territories as you upgrade bases and allocate production levels of mines. Then expand your horizons as you create alliances with friends and defend your stake in space against enemies. This most complete mobile science fiction arcade action game will have you hooked for hours on end!

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Galaxy Empire Cheats Details

- Supports Systems: Android / iOS
- Is it Undetectable?: YES
- Is it Auto-Updated?: YES
- Anti-Ban System : YES

Galaxy Empire Cheats Functions

- Dark Matter Addder – Add some Dark Matter to your account!
- Empire Level – Make your Empire Stronger
- All Resources – Type in the amount of resources which you want
- Unlock All Planets

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How to use Galaxy Empire Cheats

1. Download Galaxy Empire Cheats from our site.
2. So you will see the programme’s window.
3. Plug in your device and click the “Detect Device” button. You will receive the message about the succesful connection.
4. Tick the options that you want.
5. Press “hack” button and wait.
If everything went ok, you will get what you requested!

If you will encounter any problems, please write to us at Feel free to leave your comment here! We are here to help you!

1352902680 download button1 Galaxy Empire Cheats1352902680 download button1 Galaxy Empire Cheats

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